It is easy to understand what a child needs and what an adult needs but it is not easy to understand a teenager. They have different needs and wants than others. They do have mood swings, their likes and dislikes change fast and they are unpredictable but it does not mean that a person cannot understand them. All of them can understand if they just observe their behavior and actions.

However, if you are a mother who is still confused how to celebrate her 13 year old boy’s birthday then don’t eat your nails and lips, go to their room and see what they think or read below to get some ideas!

  1. Decoration: Every child is different. Some children love to socialize but others do not prefer it. Therefore, plan according to their moods. Decorate the room in which you are going to celebrate their day. You can use balloons, strips and stars if they love showy things otherwise keep it decent and simple. Just clean it and arrange chairs and tables. You can even go out to celebrate the say, either café or their favorite restaurant where your child will cut cut the cake and you would have meal together. Do this when your child loves to go out. If he or she is introvert and loves to stay at home then don’t go for this. Just bring cake at home and cut it.  your child likes to socialize and live showy colors then decorate your room in which the birthday is going to be celebrated. Don’t use balloons and ribbons. You can keep the room simple.
  2. Cake: Cake is the most important part of birthday. That’s why you should buy cake of birthday person’s favorite flavor. Majority of children love chocolate cakes and brownies. You can pick any of them and ask the baker to write “Happy Birthday” on it. Always buy cake from simple and decent bakery. Never go to any luxurious and fine bakery. Keep everything within budget. That’s why buy medium or small cake from simple bakery that would have taste according to your child’s taste buds. Decorate the cake if teenager loves decoration otherwise keep it simple.  
  3. Gifts and foods: Parents think that children love food and gifts. They have perception that materialistic things can make them happy only but it is not. Your warmth and caring can make them happy as well. Therefore, do everything within budget. If you really want to celebrate birthday at café or restaurant then do it but it should not go out of the really similarly, do gift them presents if you want to but first observe if your child would love to have them or not. It is important to notice otherwise you will be disappointed the most if they don’t like to have gifts and something grand. 

So,  these are few things which you can do to organize birthday party of a teenager. You can search about event management in Abu Dhabi or team building activities in Dubai to get some ideas.

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