Things every primary teacher should be aware of

Things every primary teacher should be aware of

You are new to the world of teaching then you may find it very difficult to cope with certain things and situations especially when you talk about handling kids and juggling with life in general. Even the best of bests can feel like teaching is not for them, but here we are to tell you to not be disappointed at all. Here are some things to be aware of and keep in mind when you start your journey at top British school in Dubai:

  • Get to know and understand parents

Parents play a huge role in development of a child’s personality and their future and while you – being a teacher – and parents may want the same benefit for their child, your approaches could be different. Getting on the same page as parents about the child’s learning process can really come in handy so that the other half of the day which child spends at home is in the same curriculum which they are spending in school.

  • Staffrooms can be a blessing and a hectic

Teaching in British primary school Dubai could mean that you will be surrounded by children and needing a mental break is necessary. For the break you might be inclined to go in the staff room, but we would recommend you to avoid that because it is the place where you might bump into a senior and they would ask your help in dealing with more kids when you were there to avoid that in first place. At the same time, if you need urgent help or advice, run to the staff room as that is the place best for advices.

  • Consider the option of individual attention

This is something which you may want to learn beforehand. Not every child is the same and there could be some really exceptional cases out there where the usual school policies won’t apply to the child. In such case, it is necessary that you aim for individual behavioural plan where you pay extra and a little different attention to those special students so that they become able to cope with the rest of the class.

At the end of the day, we would ask you to enjoy this teaching experience and learn from it rather than despise it.

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