Features and characteristic of ballet dance

Features and characteristic of ballet dance

Ballet dance is a fascinating form of performance dance which originally originated in the Italian Renaissance within the fifteenth century, then developed as a popular concert dance form in Russia and France and, in ballet dance classes in Dubai. However, it has later become a highly technical and popular form of dance having its own language. This is done by choreographers or dancers who usually work on their own terms as opposed to following set routines. The style involves a number of intricate and complex body movements, all of which are aimed at making the dancer look beautiful and graceful. These dance routines are very complex, which makes it difficult for beginners to understand.

Features of Ballet Dance:

  • The main features of ballet Dance Classes For Kids include the use of the upper and lower body to achieve particular stylized movements and positions, often combined with gymnastic, dramatic, or acrobatic elements.
  • In order to be able to master the dance, one must first learn the many different skills required to perform these movements. For example, ballet dancers must know how to stand properly so that they can hold the ballerina’s body correctly; they also need to know how to turn correctly and support the weight of the ballerina with their arms and legs; and they must learn how to breathe correctly.
  • Furthermore, they also need to learn the correct way to use body language so that they can portray feelings and emotions clearly.

Branches of Ballet Dance:

Ballet dance is divided into two major branches: contemporary and classical.

  • Contemporary dancers are those who perform choreography and artistic movements which are influenced by contemporary art forms such as pop, ballet, and modern dance styles.
  • Classical dancers, meanwhile, focus on classical dance forms such as classic ballet, waltz, and recital movements. This form of classical dances was introduced in Russia around 1776 by Vasili Ovetzky. While both types share many similar characteristics, classical dancers will also usually have a technical background.

Characteristics of Ballet Dance:

  • One common characteristic found in both types of ballet dance is the extended legs.
  • A ballet dancer’ legs must be either straight (conventional) or bent at the knee.
  • When the legs are straight, the dancer’s posture will look as though it is upside-down; however, when the legs are bent at the knee, the dancer’s pose will appear to be right-side up.

The reason for this is that if the legs are bent at the knee, the dancer is in the fifth position.