Protect your new appliance purchase with a warranty

Protect your new appliance purchase with a warranty

Home appliance warranties protect renters and homeowners against the costly repair and replacement expenses typical to appliance breakdowns. In simple words, it is a precautionary protection plan for all the appliances that you depend on every day in your home. Just like your Porsche extended warranty plan protects your car against damages. Such coverage may include your toaster, ovens, stoves, garbage disposals, refrigerator, and others. Appliance warranties are usually a good idea whether or not you are planning to sell your appliance at the end of the term. If anything were to happen to your appliance, you can be rest assured that a specific warranty will be available to you to cover the loss. Always do proper research to get the best appliance warranty for your home appliances.

Types of warranties

There are two types of appliance warranties on the market. The first is a standard, life-time warranty. Usually this type of warranty is provided for a very reasonable price and covers your typical repair costs. A second type of warranty program covers replacement costs only when the product becomes totally damaged or completely destroyed by a fire or flood.

How to purchase warranty?

There are many different places that you can purchase warranty coverage. One option is to purchase it directly from the manufacturer. If you purchase your appliances through the manufacturer, they may offer you a discount for purchasing directly from them. You can also locate home warranty providers through the phone book or Internet. These service providers often offer a discounted price if you purchase more than one home warranty from them.

Typically, your appliance warranty will provide coverage for a one-year period. During this period you will be covered for parts and labor if the item is covered under the original warranty. If you purchase extended coverage, additional coverage will be provided for a variety of reasons including storm damage. Depending on the service provider you choose, extended warranty coverage can cover your computers, televisions, washing machines and other items in your home.

Most appliance warranty providers provide 24-hour customer support. In addition, these companies may provide you with rental assistance if your home system stops working while you are away from home. When contacting a home warranty company, be sure to ask them if they offer rental services. You may save yourself a great deal of money if you can simply hire a professional service provider to come to your home and repair the issue for you instead of having to hire a technician to come to your house.