Importance of Car Service and Maintenance

Importance of Car Service and Maintenance

While getting your Lamborghini suspension repair in Dubai every so often is a very good idea for the peace of mind and to make sure that you get an accurate report on your vehicle’s condition, there are times when you should get your car serviced more frequently.

The first reason when to get your engine serviced is when the oil gets dirty. Any oil change is good for the engine; however, when to get oil changed can be determined by listening for a whining sound when the oil gets too dirty.

Another reason when to get the Rolls Royce Phantom repair in Dubai and oil changed is when the timing belt needs replacing. When the timing belt gets old and worn it will put a strain on the engine. There are some cars that have a manual transmission; however, if yours has a clutch then you have to get the belt changed on a regular basis. In order to determine when to get the belt changed, you will need to listen to the noises that come from the transmission when it is in motion; therefore, when the clutch is not engaged, you will hear a whining noise.

Another reason when to get the tires rotated is when your car develops slippage. Slippage when occurs when there is uneven wear on the tire. This irregular wear causes a car to run rough when it comes into a corner and also under heavy pressure when slowing down for a turn.

If you own an automatic car then you are probably aware of the blinking tire pressure light. The blinking tire pressure light comes on when the car’s tire pressure is low. This light might also go on when you put any extra weight on the brake pedal when driving. A car that is experiencing this symptom when it has developed a bad case of manual transmission fluid will be required by the manufacturer to have a new set of tires put on the car. This is very seldom required for an automatic.

When you begin to drive your car, you need to familiarize yourself with how many times per year it is okay for you to take it for a tune up. If you decide that it is time for you to get car maintenance done you should always do it when it is safe to do so. For instance, you should wait until you have pulled onto a side street before performing your tune up.