Types of Vacuum Cleaners

Types of Vacuum Cleaners

Many people find it difficult to choose the best vacuum cleaner in Dubai because of the hundreds of available models. Some consumers consider it their basic need to vacuum clean their house from top to bottom. A vacuum cleaner can be a very useful home appliance for frequent vacuums. For homeowners, a vacuum cleaner may be considered as an essential cleaning equipment in Dubai, since it allows them to easily remove dirt and dusts from their homes.

Vacuums have various designs and features and are intended to be used for different kinds of cleaning. A vacuum cleaner can be classified according to its features such as wet/dry vacuum cleaners, upholster vacuums, dry vacuums and carpet cleaners. Each of them have their own specialized design and function that make them unique.

Dry vacuum cleaners are used to clean bare floors and they’re different from a wet vacuum cleaner. They have no water tank or bags. They have a brush that has a very long extension that reaches the edges of bare floors. The brush also has tiny nozzles attached at the very end of the brush that sprays compressed air.

Carpet cleaning, as the name implies, is done with vacuum cleaners that have special attachments that are used to pick up and trap particles of soil and dust while moving them out from the room. There are many models of carpet cleaners that come equipped with a HEPA filter that filters out microscopic dust particles, thereby keeping the air you breathe free from health hazards. However, some of us prefer not to use HEPA filters in our cleaning machines as they’re thought to be ineffective by most experts. It’s good to know that there are still other effective types of vacuum cleaners that don’t use filters.

Aside from carpet cleaning, another type of vacuum cleaner that most of us don’t hear much about is the dust and dirt bike vacuum cleaner. This type of vacuum cleaner is designed specifically to remove dust and dirt from automobiles. Some models have powerful motors that can easily pick up a handful of dirt from a car. These units have a small dust bin that collects dirt and can be easily accessed via a zipper or small access hole.

Finally, there are the robot vacuum cleaners. This type of vacuum cleaner is now considered the most preferred variety of the cleaners available in the market today. Robot vacuum cleaners are actually self-cleaning. The robots do all the cleaning tasks that we’re usually too busy to do. These robots have various modes of cleaning, including surface cleaning, upholstery cleaning, draping, etc.